Mike Lewellen of Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards will host a wine cruise and check out the Greek Isles in August of 2018!



Louis Lucas, co-owner and grape grower of Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards will host a wine cruise through the Pacific Northwest.

Mike Lewellen of Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards will host this special wine cruise in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, & Hungary on the brand new AMAMagna. Stay for the opening of the Christmas Market in Budapest!





Cruise Calendar:
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Wine Cruising ~ it's a happy thing!

Wine cruises are a fun way to travel, meet new people, and taste different wines from around the globe.

"Go Wine Cruising", a division of Pedersen Travel Services, wants to take you on a wine-focused travel adventure. We facilitate both river and ocean cruises that sail to exotic destinations. Whether you want to make your way through the Panama Canal or dock at a cosmopolitan Mediterranean port, our cruises will take you there with a glass of your favorite wine in your hand. Group, business, and individual travelers are all welcome – when it comes to wine cruising, the more the merrier!

Are you a winery looking to expand your reach?

​Team up with “Go Wine Cruising” and new customers from all over the globe can experience your wines along with exciting cultures and customs. Plan a cruisewith your existing Wine Club members and build their loyalty and trust in your brand.

​Your brand – your wines, story, and winery are the focus of our cruises. Imagine a group of happy new and returning Club members confined with you on a boat, drinking your wines, and learning what sets your wines apart.  What more could you ask for? Go Wine Cruising is reinventing the typical cruise. Traveling, learning, and, of course, drinking wine with fun people with excellent taste are what we bring to the table. The rest is up to you…and your palate! Visit our testimonials page to hear what our wine cruising wineries are saying!