Wine Cruising ~

How do we serve your winery and your Wine Club?

Wineries select 1 or 2 hosts from your fascinating winemaker, tasting room server, or wine club manager, to join your customers on a Wine Cruise, usually at no cost to the winery. 

​Pedersen Travel Services negotiates special tastings with your members like:

• Seminars with your hosts
• Exclusive cocktail parties
• Custom shore excursions
• Special winery promotions

...all at pricing that is typically lower for your members than if they traveled without you.

​Pedersen Travel Services does all the work from setting up the attractive group travel package, to aiding in presenting the cruise to your customers, to managing bookings.

If your host is not comfortable managing the group alone, we will even come along to support the winery staff! If needed, experienced Pedersen Travel Services representatives present on grape growing, wine appreciation, food pairing, and what makes your wine stand out. You just choose where you want to go and bring the wine that your members love!

​Pedersen Travel Services is committed to creating an adventure that you and your Wine Club members, from the highest end wine buyers interested in luxury travel to the socially driven millenials in your club who just want a fun weekend wine getaway, will never forget.